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Thursday, 13 August 2015

'Mercurial', Curated By Kathy O'Leary

David Holmes, Helen Sharp: 'I am Here'. NI/UK                           16.21 mins.
Afri Ireland, Dearbhla Glynn: 'Fermanagh's Future'. N.I.               08.59 mins.
Johnnie Lawson: 'Relaxing Sounds of Nature'. IRL.                     10.00 mins.
Ruth Le Gear: 'Alchemical Waters'. IRL.                                       12.12 mins.
Kathy O'Leary: 'Second Sight | Site'. IRL.                                     08.15 mins.
Mathieu Alepin: 'Farewell'. CAN.                                                   07.00 mins.
Michael Higgins: 'At One Fell Swoop'. IRL.                                   70.00 mins.

'Mercurial' through the use of analogue and digital formats, is a series of Irish and International feature and short films. The screening will take place at the Glens Centre on 
Friday the 21st of August at 8-11pm during the Five Glens Arts Festival in Manorhamilton.
The intention is to create a kaleidoscopic interpretation of the resilient and vulnerable nature that exists between the relationship of creatural and environmental experiences.
This screening will be a lively, experimental, an expansive view of 'being' and 'thinking wilderness' and is implemented through moving image and sound, not intended to offer answers but to develop questions and dialogue.

The chosen title 'Mercurial' deriving from the word Mercury a fluid, active, unpredictable, and fickle matter in essence. At times 'Mercurial' co-exists with human and environmental elements, anthropological in method, through the use of satire, solidarity and solemnity, to examine the alternate states, in relation to the human condition.

The screenings feature local and international, changeable mind-scapes that is comprised in a (two and half hour approximately) audio and visual scape.

David Holmes, Helen Sharp; 'I am Here'. N.I. | UK | 16.21 mins.

Canderblinks Film and TV

On a journey through a heightened world, a lone man awakes after death and tunes into a new sound, a familiar poetry that seems to beckon him forward. Tuning into memories of his childhood and family, Michael begins to realize this strange world might lead him somewhere close to home.

Afri Ireland; Dearbhla Glynn, 'Fermanagh's Future'. N.I. | 08.59 mins.

Exploration of fracking proposals for County Fermanagh by award winning film maker Dearbhla Glynn. Supported by Afri - Action from Ireland.

Johnny Lawson; 'Relaxing Sounds of Nature'. IRL. | 10.00 mins.

Relaxing Sounds of Nature-Wind-Ocean Waves-Soothing Tranquil Meditation Instrumental Music

Relax with the peaceful and soothing sound of the ocean and wind, mixed with wonderful tranquil chill out music. Let these tranquil sounds calm your mind. Lawson filmed this amazing little wonder of nature, a miniature sand dune being formed, on a very windy day on the West coast of Ireland.

Ruth Le Gear; 'Alchemical Waters'. IRL. | 12.12 mins.

Artic Residency

Alchemical Waters is a video piece in which a remedy from the melt
waters of an iceberg was created in the Arctic. In 2012 Le Gear travelled to the Arctic and spent a number of weeks sailing the high Arctic seas on board a tall ship collecting iceberg samples and experimenting with their meltwaters. The work engages with with the subtle earth energies that ebb and flow through the landscape, creating a relationship with the spirit and place.

Kathy O'Leary; 'Second Sight | Site'. IRL. | 08.15 mins.

Locis; European Artists' Residency

A wormhole is a theoretical concept from the physicist Albert Einstein in 1935, this theory created a passage through space-time that could create shortcuts for long journeys across the universe. Wormholes are predicted by the theory of general relativity, they can bring with them the dangers of sudden collapse, high radiation and dangerous contact with exotic matter.
Through audio and visual type 'wormholes', a visual interpretation of these concepts and theories, as if traveling through space-time into different dimensions and environments was experimented with using satire, motion, music, film and photography.
The Locis residency was funded through the Leitrim Arts Office.

Mathieu Alepin; 'Farewell'. CAN. | 07.00 mins.

48 Hour Film Project

A musician’s tour launch party: 'Farewell'. No one shows up to a singer-songwriter’s going away party except for his manager, who doesn’t believe in his music and doesn’t think he has the gumption to make it in the music industry.
In this he's directorial debut, a short comedy, co-written and acted with Stevie Jay. Mathieu Alepin's who is from Montreal and based Toronto, Ontario, Canada is a singer-songwriter, screenwriter, author, director, producer, and actor.

Michael Higgins; 'At One Fell Swoop'. IRL. | 70.00 mins


At One Fell Swoop deals with a stonemason (Cillian Roche) and his metamorphic wander through rural Ireland. In passing he slips through the film’s frames into a re-imagining of his surroundings in which he finds himself trapped on an intense cataclastic path towards a dead end. Photographed on expired 16mm black and white film and entirely hand-processed, At One Fell Swoop resembles a phantom-like film lodged amid multiple 
stratums of time and space. Arts Council funded At One Fell Swoop was shot on location in and around the Five Glens.

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