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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

5th Wheel Element Project

 5th Wheel Element Project
1st – 3rd August | Preview: 1st August at 6pm
Pallas Projects/Studios, 115–117 The Coombe, Dublin 8
Gallery hours 12 – 6pm
5th Wheel Element Project involves creating dialogue through art, documentation and performance around the politics of participation. Installations that evoke and alternate the line between the real and the fictional are created. In 2013 I had applied for a grant for a Smartdrive to adapt and make life more manageable, in terms of access. Alas, I didn’t get the grant so I adapted the project and the “5th Wheel Element” has become an ethereal, collaborative, experimental and a subversive experience to challenge ‘outside the box’ and what is perceived as the norm is where the 5th Wheel Element Project allusion comes from. “Clogging cogs”, is the title of an audio and visual experience, wall piece that is amongst other interpretations as a part of the show.
To date my practice has been to use art as an experimental research tool to configure a language that speaks of inclusion. My concern and focus for this project is to develop and examine issues that relate to accessing urban landscapes which involve creating new aesthetics and concepts for my visual practice through capturing moments of light, satire and motion.  
5th Wheel Element Project is elaborated through a series of events including an exhibition and artist in-conversation with Marianne O’ Kane Boal, Art and Architecture Critic and Curator.